White-glove service

White-Glove Service

ROCKLAND EYE, Montreal’s premier private optometry clinic is taking the customer experience to the next level. Since 2008, optometrists, Dr Angela and Dr Susan Issa have welcomed patients and guests with exemplary customer service offering a truly white-glove service experience.

Located in the prestigious RocklandMD health complex, Doctors Angela and Susan Issa have always prioritized eyecare and the importance of comprehensive exams for screening and prevention of eye disease.

Lunetterie haute de gammeDestination for Eyewear Connoisseurs

ROCKLAND EYE is a destination for eyewear connoisseurs. We specialize in independent, luxury eyewear brands from various parts of the world that are not mass produced. Many of our frames are handmade from the highest quality materials. Come visit our exquisite showroom where you will find exclusive frames and access some of the finest eyewear around the world.


Lunetterie Générale Lunettes Personalized frame consultation

It doesn’t take long to find you the perfect pair of frames at ROCKLAND EYE. It’s no secret that often it’s the first or second pair we suggest that our clients end up choosing. Some of our clients have come to trust us to the point that they don’t even look at the frames and simply ask us to choose for them.

Choose from exclusive eyewear brands: Lunetterie Générale, Eyevan 7285, Barton Perreira, LINDBERG, MASUNAGA, Lunor, Etnia Barcelona, Brooklyn Spectacles, Robert Marc NYC.

Efficient Service

Your time is valuable, you need professionals who understand your needs and can guide you through the process from start to finish. Why deal with a less-knowledgeable salesperson when you can be served directly by the professional who can take care of you from A to Z? You want someone who remembers your tastes and preferences so you don’t have to restart from scratch each time to find your perfect pair of frames.


ROCKLAND EYE only uses ZEISS authentic lenses. We never use cheap knock-off’s or house brands. 

ZEISS I terminal mobile

We take your lens measurements using the latest technology from ZEISS,  ZEISS, the I.Terminal mobile for precise position of wear measurement. All the measurements needed to make your glasses including pupillary distance, focal height, pantascopic and wrap and angle are taken with this new technology with the greatest attention to detail. 

Coffee barCoffee bar

Wait in a calm, relaxing atmosphere with high-speed WiFi and treat yourself at our coffee bar. Enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks.

Concierge Service

We offer home delivery to accommodate our clients’ busy schedules.


Rest assured your health is our priority, we have invested in the latest technology to ensure your safety. All frames are disinfected using the ZEISS UVClean. This device bathes germs killing 99.5% of bacteria and viruses on frames and lenses.

Many professionals and business executives trust their eyecare to ROCKLAND EYE CLINIC.

Top Executives from the following companies trust their Eyecare to ROCKLAND EYE.







The time is now. The time to invest in yourself. A great pair of eyewear will keep you seeing and feeling your best. Don’t compromise on your eye health. Don’t compromise on your vision. Book your appointment today at ROCKLAND EYE.

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