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Which frame is best for my face shape?

People often ask, “which frame is best for my face shape?”. The truth is there isn’t one shape that works for a particular face shape. You can try on 7-8 round shapes and each one will look completely different on you. And, no person’s face is completely round or heart-shaped. It’s ridiculous to categorize face shapes and use online tools to choose a frame. Our faces are unique and our glasses should be too!

If you are highly nearsighted, it can be very frustrating to choose new frames. There is nothing more disappointing than choosing a beautiful frame only to have thick lenses and distorted images once the glasses are made with your actual prescription. When we help you choose a frame, we always consider your prescription. Certain prescriptions require certain frame shapes and sizes in order to minimize adaptation problems, distortion and lens thickness. We rely on our expertise in optics to carefully consider the many different parameters when choosing your frame so the end result exceeds your expectations.

Glasses are the most important thing you can wear. A handbag looks good in your hand and a fancy watch looks good under your sleeve, but glasses literally flatter your face. Well-chosen eyewear can elevate your look dramatically. We won’t let you leave our boutique unless you look great in your glasses.

At Rockland Eye Clinic, we don’t want people to simply notice your glasses; we want people to notice how good you look in your glasses.

Dr Angela Issa, optometrist

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