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The Art of Japanese Craftsmanship


Japan has a rich history in traditional craftsmanship and manufacturing processes. Many people don’t realize that Eyewear manufacturing in Japan is performed by skilled craftsman with many steps done entirely by hand. Heralded as masters of precision, Japanese artisans pay great attention to detail and focus on technical perfection. Only the finest materials are used including titanium, beta-titanium, acetate and 18K gold. Handmade in Japan is synonymous with high-quality and luxury.

EYEVAN 7285 163 SUN


Eyevan was born in 1972 with a rather particular concept. Its vision is to offer “glasses to be dressed as a fashion item”. In 1985, the brand made a sensational entry into the world of eyewear. Eyevan frames are now known for their timeless design and when we look at the handwritten drawings or archives of the brand, we can see the authentic craftsmanship of Japan. It is a true ode to creativity and enthusiasm.

Finally, in 2013, more than 40 years after the brand’s launch, a new team of designers rebuilt the Eyevan 7285 eyewear brand based on the brand’s ancient archives, redefining the standards of beauty. They drew upon the original hand drawn designs and product research from the 1972-1985 era therefore naming the new collection EYEVAN 7285.


BROOKLYN SPECTACLES teamed up with famous Eyewear designer Jinroku Saku to create a limited -edition capsule collection made from premium acetate and pure titanium. Jinroku Saku has to years of craftsman experience in the eyewear industry. He is considered one of the best Eyewear craftsman in Sabae, Japan.


Lunetterie Générale is a design studio that specializes in making exceptional eyewear handcrafted in Japan. Each design pays tribute to the simplicity of timeless classics. Every detail of the frame is considered.

Lunetterie Générale was founded in 2017 by Montrealer, Julien Couture. This limited-edition Quebec-based eyewear brand offers unique pieces made from premium cellulose acetate and titanium. Each model is handcrafted in Japan with only 400-1000 pieces per colour worldwide. Truly a work of art, Lunetterie Générale frames are made from exceptional materials and made to last. Beautifully designed custom tints are available for sun models.



What makes Barton Perreira eyeglasses exceptional is their manufacturing process. Extreme care is taken in their design and manufacture. The latter is derived from the great Japanese tradition. It is thanks to this that the brand has a variation of catching colors that remains almost unmatched today.

The cellulose acetate plates (plastic from cotton flowers) benefit from a very long drying time. This method, inherited from Japanese craftsmanship, allows us to obtain a superior quality result.

All this care taken in the manufacture offers a perfect result. The ultra-light and finely chiseled titanium frames are reminiscent of the pop art of the 1950s and 60s.