Looking for an eyewear brand that embodies uniqueness, quality, and style? Look no further than Lunetterie Générale.

Famed for its distinctive aesthetic, Lunetterie Générale designs eyewear for adventurous creative minds. In their quest to revive the vintage repertoire, they use only high-quality materials and made-to-measure components to create uncompromising limited-edition frames meant to last a lifetime.

Their focus on fit and comfort means that you’ll never have to sacrifice style for function. And with Canadian-made and Japanese-manufactured options available, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses to suit your needs.

So whether you’re looking for your everyday adventure or a unique gift for a special occasion, make Lunetterie Générale your go-to eyewear brand.

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Showing 1–3 of 22 results

Lunetterie Générale is an eyewear studio that specializes in making exceptional vintage-inspired frames handcrafted by artisans from Japan. They revive classic designs with unique elevated aesthetics to inspire you to escape the ordinary and feel like a true VIP at all times! 

At Lunetterie Générale, fashion is about elegance-refined but not overbearing; subtle yet chic (or loud if it’s your personality). The eyewear brand takes pride in every detail of their glasses: shapes + sizes tailored just right so each customer can find their own identifying traits through these two points which make them uniquely themselves.

At the Rockland Eye Clinic, we offer a wide selection of this eyewear brand, both for men and women.