Hailing from Denmark, Lindberg is becoming the new leader in frame design. Known for its elegant and refined combination of titanium and acetate, Lindberg eyewear has won several awards for its designs. These frames offer exceptional comfort. Each pair of Lindberg glasses can weigh as little as 1.9 grams!

At ROCKLAND EYE, we are pleased to offer you a wide selection of Lindberg glasses in Montreal. Choosing Lindberg is choosing discreet excellence that never fails.

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Showing 1–3 of 81 results

A discrete and complex design

The entire production of Lindberg glasses is based on Danish tradition. This is based on a discreet and classic design, the simplicity of which is well thought out. Lindberg’s creations have won over a hundred of the world’s most prestigious and coveted design awards.

What makes Lindberg eyewear unique is that it is the result of attention to detail. The smallest details are all thought out and everything is done to ensure that the result is perfect. Technology and craftsmanship are part of the brad’s DNA.

An artistic use of materials

Lindberg eyewear creations use a wide range of responsible materials of the highest quality. The timeless elegance of the brand’s frames as well as their exceptional resistance guarantees you a unique and inimitable style from the very first glance.

The materials used by the brand are multiple. Gold, titanium, acetate, platinum and diamonds, everything is used to create true pieces of goldsmithing. Among these exclusive materials, we find buffalo horn, chosen for its prestige and elegance.

Glasses made to order

Finally, what makes Lindberg eyewear truly unique is the fact that it is made to order. Due to the richness of the materials used and the complexity of the design, Lindberg favors pure craftsmanship. All frames can be customized according to your preferences and tastes. The finishing touches are made entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen who are committed to creating true works of art.

Each Lindberg frame is carefully handcrafted and numbered.

It is thanks to this particular care taken in the choice of materials and the manufacturing of its glasses that Lindberg manages to offer glasses of excellence. Opting for Lindberg eyewear is choosing to be unique and to reward an exceptional know-how.

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