Launched in 2012, Brooklyn Spectacles eyewear is a New York-based eyewear brand. With a strong identity, the brand’s frames combine design, creativity and modernity.

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Brooklyn, world capital of creativity

Brooklyn is well-known for being a hub of creativity. It’s often considered the most creative borough in New York City, and it attracts artists from all over who come to pursue their dreams. The multicultural diversity of Brooklyn has given birth to many street artists, musicians, designers and more!

So it was in this land of creativity and optimism that the brand was born. In 2012, Brooklyn Spectacles was officially born. La marque s’efforce de personnifier les attributs du quartier et de faire en sorte que son histoire reste pertinente. That’s why many of the brand’s models are named after famous streets, neighborhoods, or monuments in this New York neighborhood. Everything that makes up the daily lives of Brooklyn residents is reflected in the brand’s frames.

Brooklyn Spectacles also wants to keep its independence as a brand. The brand defines itself as “comfortable on the face of a local coffee shop barista as well as a musician on stage”. A beautiful message of humility and love to Brooklyn and its people.

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Showing 1–3 of 27 results

Brooklyn Spectacles: a special know-how

All Brooklyn Spectacles frames are designed in the brand’s studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A team of experienced eyewear professionals work on the glasses. The acetate frames are composed using Italian materials for the colors and unique polishing effect they provide. Dense and of high quality, Italian acetate allows for custom-made creations.

The hinges come from the best suppliers. Sturdy, they offer integrity, durability and comfort while keeping the temples straight. The hinge of each temple is mounted on a strong base wire to increase strength and durability.

Each Brooklyn Spectacles frame is entirely handcrafted.

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