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Introducing the Revolutionary LINDBERG Thintanium Collection


If you’re looking for eyewear that can be used daily or for a special occasion, the LINDBERG Thintanium Collection has something to match your every need. With its stunning design and cutting-edge technology, this collection is perfect for any style.

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LINDBERG: setting the standard for modern glasses design

LINDBERG, the acclaimed Danish eyewear brand, has unveiled a revolutionary Thintanium Collection that challenges the limits of lightness. By uniting the most advanced technology with titanium craftsmanship and a commitment to precision, LINDBERG is revolutionizing modern glasses design. These ultra-thin frames are sure to be ahead of their time; they’re likely the world’s thinnest titanium glasses!

Whether you prefer a bold, edgy square or an elegant round silhouette, these frames are tailor-made for those who appreciate minimalistic luxury. Each frame is crafted with impeccable detail to offer modern individuals top-notch Scandinavian design that speaks powerfully to the soul without sacrificing comfort and quality. This is an exquisite choice for style-savvy people looking for ultimate luxury at its finest!

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LINDBERG Thintanium Collection Special Features

Weighing just 3.3 grams, these incredibly slim titanium frames are so light and comfortable that you’ll barely remember they’re there!

The modern sleek appearance is achieved by incorporating an ultra-thin front in the groove of the lenses – providing stability without compromising the design. LINDBERG Thintanium collection has a sleek, nearly rimless look while still providing stability with its full titanium front.

LINDBERG’s new Thintanium glasses are made with such fine attention to detail that they feature an extraordinary screwless hinge design. This unique construction is crafted without any glues or screws, instead relying on interlocking parts and friction for smooth movement. With more than 750 hardworking employees dedicated to bringing these one-of-a-kind frames into the world, not only will you be getting lightweight lenses but also stylish spectacles that make quite the statement!

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Benefits of Using Titanium Eyeglass Frames

Titanium is an ideal material for frames, as its strength and lightness combine to make it an excellent choice. Its corrosion resistance eliminates the anxiety of keeping eyewear pristine while outdoors, while its lighter weight means there are no more headaches from wearing heavy frames. Titanium doesn’t cause allergic reactions either, making sure you have no negative experiences wearing your glasses.

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An Unparalleled Eyewear Experience with Personalized Design

LINDBERG is the exclusive eyewear designer in the industry that offers customers a truly personalized experience. With billions of combinations, varying materials, and colors to choose from along with adjustable temples for perfect fit and nose pads made out of medical silicone each pair becomes unique – even more so when its wearer’s name is engraved on it!

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LINDBERG’s Thintanium collection is a revolutionary take on eyewear design that combines cutting-edge technology, titanium craftsmanship, and uncompromising attention to detail. These ultra-thin frames offer a modern style with comfort, lightness, and stability without compromising quality or design. With LINDBERG’s unique screwless hinge construction crafted without glues or screws and their billions of combinations for personalization, this new line offers an unparalleled eyewear experience like no other. Rockland Eye Clinic carries a wide selection of LINDBERG Thintanium glasses in Montreal – come check them out today!