ZEISS Optical Lenses

At ROCKLAND EYE CLINIC, we only use premium optical lenses for your glasses and sunglasses. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t use cheap knockoffs or ‘house brands’. We use authentic Zeiss optical lenses. All measurements needed for glasses including pupillary distance, focal height, pantascopic and wrap and angle are taken by our optometrists with the greatest attention to detail and precision. We just integrated the latest technology from ZEISS, the I.Terminal mobile for precise position of wear measurement. The final frame and lens fitting is done with care. We take pride in our work and it shows.

NEW  Frame and lens disinfecting technology 

UV disinfection technology ZEISS UVClean is named CES Innovation Awards Honoree.

We purchased the ZEISS UV clean device. The ZEISS UVClean deploys four germicidal UV-C bulbs to completely bathe each pair of eyeglasses in powerful UV light. The unit can disinfect frames in 40 seconds and kills up to 99.5 percent of common viruses and bacteria on the surfaces of eyeglasses.

Single Vision lenses

We use high-quality lenses with anti scratch and anti reflective coatings that are superior in clarity and easy to clean. All ZEISS lenses have UV protection even on clear lenses.

Some of our happiest patients are high myopes and high hyperopes. For those of you who hate wearing glasses because your eyes look smaller or bigger or just distorted, you will experience a world of difference.

Choosing the right frame and lenses makes all the difference. We use aspheric, flat lenses for less of a fish-eye effect. For higher, more complex prescriptions, we favour the use of custom lenses. This reduces lens thickness and weight.


Computer Lenses

The Officelens by ZEISS offers relaxed and clear vision from near to intermediate distance. The viewing area for the computer is larger than with traditional progressive lenses and is available in different lens designs that can be customized depending on the wearer’s needs.

All lenses are available with ZEISS BlueProtect UV as an option, a coating that reduces the blue light from computer screens and tablets as well as LEDs.

Progressive Lenses

Choosing to make your progressive glasses at ROCKLAND EYE CLINIC means faster adaptation and comfortable vision. Progressive lenses involve more complex lens designs. Cutting-edge computer technology results in custom-made progressives individualized for every prescription and every frame. These lenses provide a larger field of vision and greater quality of vision. Premium lenses offer smoother transition from one distance to another.


Custom-lenses for each individual patient’s needs:

  • Clear vision at all distances
  • Available with ZEISS BlueProtect UV
  • All lenses with UV protection even clear lenses