Pediatric optometry

Early examination of children is critical for prevention of vision loss due to amblyopia or ‘lazy eye’. Amblyopia is a problem of development of the eyes and can result from uncorrected vision. It is believed that our visual systems continue to develop until 7-9 years of age. Therefore, it is important to have an eye examination with an optometrist prior to this age.

Dr Susan Issa performs eye exams for young and school-age children in our clinic. During the exam, Dr Issa will check your child’s visual acuity if possible depending on the child’s age and check the alignment of her eyes. She may need to use drops that relax the muscles inside the eye in order to assess your child’s vision. A pediatric optometry exam includes an ocular health assessment.

Please note our optometrists do not participate in the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) public healthcare plan. There are examination fees for all patients including patients aged 0-17 and 65 and older.

Please note that you will still be eligible for the $250 reimbursement from the RAMQ as part of the government’s See Better To Succeed program, even if you purchase your child’s glasses at our clinic.