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Why do my eyes feels dry and gritty with my contacts?

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Are your contact lenses more comfortable when you put in a new, fresh pair? Are your eyes increasingly red or feel gritty as the day goes on? The lens deposits may be to blame.

Protein and lipid deposits can adhere to the surface of the lens and may remain there even with the proper use of contact lens solution. The deposits on the surface of your lenses actually rub and irrritate the inside of your eyelid. The underside of your lids can develop redness and bumps which my be permanent secondary to the deposit build-up on the lens.

Fortunately, daily disposable contact lenses are available for a greater number of patients than ever before. High prescriptions, astigmatism and even presbyopia can be corrected with daily disposable contact lenses. Book an appointment today to find out if daily disposables are right for you.