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How to choose glasses frames for face shape

choisir monture lunettes forme visage

When we are confronted with the choice of our glasses frame for the first time, it is often difficult to find our way. At an eyewear store, the choice is often immense, and the shapes of glasses are particularly numerous.

To know which frames to choose to emphasize its face, one of the characteristics to be observed is its shape. Indeed, to choose a frame of glasses according to the shape of its face is essential. It is still necessary to know how to determine the shape of your face.

Whether your face is round, square, rectangular, oval or triangular, the Montreal optometrists at the Rockland Eye Clinic will explain how to choose eyeglass frames based on your face shape.

Define the shape of your face

Before you start choosing your eyeglass frames, it is essential to know how to recognize the shape of your face. This is the first step you should take before thinking about shopping for your frames online.

There are different shapes of faces. Most often, these are grouped into 5 categories: round, oval, square, triangular, and rectangular faces.

Warning: Keep in mind that these are conceptual face types. All faces are unique, although each has proportions that are closer to a model than others. A face is not necessarily purely rectangular, for example. There are nuances and you should take this into account when choosing your frame.

Round faces

choisir lunettes visage rond


A round face is characterized by curved lines, without angles. The length and width of the face are made up of the same proportions.

The cheekbones are generally wide, as is the jaw. The choice of frames is generally easy for round faces.

I think I have a round face!

Oval faces

choisir lunettes visage ovale


An oval face is similar to a round face. Here too, the lines of the face are curved. However, the oval face is characterized by more unequal proportions. The width is less than the length.

This is the face often considered to have the ideal shape. Indeed, the versatility of oval faces adapts to a wider choice of frames.

I think I have an oval face!


Square faces

choisir lunettes visage carré


Square faces are defined by a strong jaw and a wide forehead. Width and length are of equal proportions here. Unlike round and oval faces, the lines here are defined by sharp angles.

The choice of the frame of glasses is here more complex because it is a question of softening these angles.

I think I have a square face!


Triangular faces

choisir lunettes visage triangulaire

choisir monture lunettes visage triangulaire


Triangular faces are divided into two types. The triangular faces with a lower base and the triangular ones with an upper base.

The triangular face with an upper base (V-shaped) is characterized by a thin jaw and a wider forehead. The forehead widens from the bottom to the top.

The triangular face with a lower base (A-shaped) is characterized by a wide jaw and a narrower forehead. It widens from top to bottom.

I think I have a triangular face!

Rectangular faces

choisir lunettes visage rectangulaire


Finally, the rectangular faces are as their name indicates, a square face elongated. The nose is generally also rather long.

The choice of frames for a rectangular face will mainly aim to balance the face and make it shorter and more homogeneous.

I think I have a rectangular face!


Now that you know how to define your face shape, let’s move on to the most interesting part: choosing frames according to your face shape!

Which frame for a round face?

For a round face, the choice of the frame consists in refining the features. For this, the choice of rectangular frames is generally the most effective and what you will be advised.

lunettes pour visage rond


Frames with strong, somewhat bold lines look great on this face shape. It’s important to make sure that the bottom of the frames sit well above the cheekbones.

Geometric and angular frames are particularly well suited to round faces.

Our advice: Consider Etnia Barcelona frames. For the assurance of an inimitable style, it’s hard to find better!

Which frame for an oval face?

True chameleons, the faces harmonize with most of the frames of glasses. You will therefore have a wider choice to dress your face.

lunettes pour visage ovale


Each shape of glasses will accentuate your style. Generally, round frames will give you a youthful, casual look, while rectangular frames will offer a more assertive style.

Oversized frames are particularly well suited to this face shape. Play with colors or materials to give you a unique and unmistakable look.

Our advice: Lowercase NYC offers a wide selection of frames in different shapes, perfect for asserting your character!

Which frame for a square face?

If you have a square face, the choice of your frame will aim to soften the angles of the face.

lunettes pour visage carré


For this, it is better to prefer round frames, which will not add more angles on your face, to lighten it. It is advisable to make sure that the round frame is wider than your cheekbones, to harmonize your face.

Finally, it is also possible to choose more geometric frames if you want to give more confidence to your face. But beware, this will not suit everyone.

Our advice: Check out the frames from Lindberg. Their round, thin frames are perfect for lightening your face!

Which frame for a triangular face?

Choosing a frame for a triangular face will depend on the type of symmetry.

lunettes pour visage triangulaire v


For triangular faces with an upper base (V-shape), go for wide frames, which even out the upper part of your face.

lunettes pour visage triangulaire a


For triangular faces with a lower base (A shape), you should choose a light frame. A heavy frame will accentuate the asymmetry of your face. Make sure you choose a pair of glasses that are wider on the lower part.

Our advice: For triangular faces, the variety of frames offered by Robert Marc NYC will allow you to harmonize your face with style!

Which frame for a rectangular face?

If you have a triangular face, we advise you to choose frames that balance your face.

lunettes pour visage rectangulaire


The goal here is to add more width and make your face more even. Wide frames with a low bridge are an excellent choice to soften the proportions of your face.

Frames that are too big, especially in length, will accentuate the asymmetry of your face. A possible choice if you want to emphasize your character.

Our advice: Barton Perreira offers a wide selection of frames that are perfect for rectangular faces.

Other elements of her face to take into account

Now you know the shape of your face and which frames to choose! To perfectly define your face and its proportions, you should know that there are other elements that will influence the choice of your glasses:

  • The size of your head: whatever the shape of your face, it is also important to consider its size. If you have a small head, it goes without saying to choose a small frame, and vice versa. Ideally, your glasses should not be wider than your face.
  • The nose: depending on the size of your nose, the choice of the bridge of your frames will be different. A short and thin nose will be able to leave room for a high bridge, while a longer nose will be more in harmony with low bridge glasses.
  • The distance between the eyes: the width of the bridge of your glasses must be proportional to the distance between your eyes. If you have wide-set eyes, choose a frame with a wide bridge, and vice versa.
  • The height of your eyebrows: last parameter to be studied, it is advisable to choose a frame which falls below your eyebrows. This will give you more personality and character. Your eyebrows should not be present in the lenses of your glasses.

Find the frame that best suits your face at the Rockland Eye Clinic!

Now you know how to choose an eyeglass frame according to your face shape. As you have seen, there are other parameters to consider to make the right choice!

On your own, it is not always easy to know which frames to choose. The best solution is to be accompanied by a professional eyewear retailer. He or she will be able to identify your features and what defines your face and will suggest frames that suit you perfectly.

To choose your frames, contact the Rockland Eye Clinic! Our optometrists will be happy to welcome you in our Montreal clinic to help you choose your future glasses and give you a unique and inimitable style.

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Halloween Contacts can have scary consequences

Halloween Contacts

Coming up with the perfect Halloween costume can be very exciting, whether it is a funny or scary costume.  Many people want to complete the desired look with decorative or Halloween contacts. Unfortunately, Halloween contacts can have scary consequences. Contact lenses are medical devices and should not be viewed simply as decorative or cosmetic. 

Some of the possible complications of Halloween Contacts include:

  • corneal abrasion
  • eye infection
  • allergic reaction

Are Halloween contacts illegal?

Selling contact lenses without a doctor’s prescription is illegal. If you come across a site that doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription, these lenses are being sold illegally. Many sites will state the contact lenses are FDA approved, but that doesn’t mean they are appropriate for you. Lenses need to fit well to allow for proper tear exchange and allow enough oxygen to enter the eye.

Halloween contacts have more pigments and are thicker as a result allowing less oxygen to enter the eye. The pigments in Halloween Contacts can still cause allergic reactions in some people. Some sites and shops sell non FDA-approved contact lenses. Non FDA-approved lenses may even contain dangerous chemicals that may be toxic to the surface of the eye. Some contact lenses were reported to contain chlorine which seeped into the eye after a rinse. 

Why do I need to see a doctor?

Many people think that because coloured contacts are cosmetic, they don’t need to see a doctor. Even if you have good eyesight, you still need to consult an optometrist before ordering contact lenses. Your optometrist will recommend safe contact lenses for your eyes that fit properly. Poorly-fitting contact lenses can scratch the surface of the eye (corneal abrasions) or not allow enough oxygen to enter the eye.

A scratch on the eye can allow harmful bacteria to penetrate deeper into the eye, resulting in a much more serious infection, a corneal ulcer. Corneal ulcers are very serious and can lead to scarring and permanent vision loss.

Eye infection

The risk of eye infections is higher with decorative or Halloween contact lenses. Contact-lens related eye infections tend to be more serious infections in general. This is especially true with decorative contact lenses that made of materials that don’t allow as much oxygen to enter the eye. Types of eye infections include bacteria conjunctivitis, keratitis or a corneal ulcer.


Eye infection

Signs of eye infection include

  • redness
  • swelling
  • tearing
  • Coloured discharge
  • sensitivity to light
  • Irritation
  • pain

Are Halloween Contacts worth the risk?

Don’t let one night of fun leave you with serious long-term consequences. We are not exaggerating when we say people lose their vision. A serious eye infection can lead to potential blindness in one eye. Always consult your optometrist before ordering contact lenses.


Dr Angela Issa, optometrist

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Lunettes pour golfeur

Vous êtes un amateur de golf? Vous désirez optimiser votre jeu de golf? Vous investirez dans l’équipement haute-de-gamme mais peut-être vous négligez l’atout la plus importante que vous avez: votre vision. Pourquoi vous n’investissiez pas dans les lunettes pour golfeur? 

Savez-vous qu’il y a des lunettes peuvent être adaptées pour le golf?

Premièrement, il faut passer un examen de la vue avec votre optométriste. Par la suite, l’optométriste ou l’opticien va déterminer quelles lunettes à choisir.

Idéalement, vous devez choisir une monture légère et robuste; une monture qui restera stable sur votre visage et qui ne glissera pas sur votre nez avec chaque mouvement de la tête. Des montures en titane avec une bonne ajustement sur la tête font ce travail.

Après avoir choisi la monture, on procède aux choix des verres ophtalmiques. Souvent les joueurs de golf préfèrent avoir des verres solaires, car la plupart du temps, nous sommes éblouis par le soleil lors du jeu. Il y a différentes teintes disponible selon la situation à optimiser.

Quelle couleur de teinte a choisir?

Les lunettes pour golfeur sont souvent adaptées avec une teinte de couleur soit ambre brun ou mauve selon le besoin de joueurs. La teinte ambre va aider à voir la balle sur le fond du ciel. La teinte mauve va améliorer le contraste de la balle sur le gazon.

Verres Progressifs Personnalisés

Les verres progressives avec des mesures standards ne sont pas la meilleure choix pour les golfeurs. Ces verres n’optimisent pas les zones de vision nécessaires pour le golf. Les distances de travail ne sont pas les mêmes que dans la vie quotidienne. Les yeux devraient suivre le mouvement de la balle très rapidement et passer à une distance à l’autre. Des verres personnalisés seront un option idéal pour le jeu de golf. Celles-ci vont corriger votre vision dans les zones de distances spécifiques pour le jeu de golf.

Prise des mesures personnalisées

La dernière étape c’est la prise des mesures afin d’optimiser votre vision spécifiquement dans le cadre du jeu de golf. On prend en considération le port de tête du porteur, la distance de travail (longueur de club de golf), et la forme de votre tête. Notre appareil de mesure, le iTerminal mobile de ZEISS permet la prise de mesures personnalisés pour le golf. 

Demandez à votre optométriste quelles seront les meilleures solutions adaptés pour vous. 

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Lindberg Buffalo Horn and Titanium Eyewear

The Lindberg Buffalo Horn and Titanium eyewear collection is truly one of a kind. The front is hand-crafted entirely out of Buffalo Horn by-product, and the temples and nose bridges are made out of titanium. There are no other Horn eyewear collections like it on the market today.

The front consists of layers of laminated horn to increase the strength and stability of the frame. There are different size options for the temples and nose bridges allowing for optimized, personalized comfort. The titanium allows for an easy adjustment of the temples and nose-bridges.

The finished product is a unique, luxury piece thanks to 152 painstaking processes used to craft each frame.

The Lindberg Buffalo Horn and titanium eyewear collection is comprised of slim, light-weight and hypo-allergenic frames. The inherent, natural colour of the front of the frame complements  all skin tones. Since horn colour and patterns may vary, we get a one-of-a-kind variety of colour combinations. There are a also myriad of colour combinations of fronts and temples which allows for a unique customization by the wearer, thereby creating a unique wearer experience. Click here to view the colour options.

If you are looking for luxurious, comfortable and timeless eyewear with a unique finish, look no further than Lindberg Buffalo Horn and Titanium eyewear.


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Lindberg Eyewear Collections

LINDBERG eyewear provides a wide array of exciting designs in titanium, horn, acetate, wood and precious metals. With an extended modular system containing billions of combinations, the wearer can create their very own bespoke pair of LINDBERGs. You can always tell a LINDBERG frame by the iconic hinge designs. The patented titanium hinges are made with no screws, rivets or welded parts.

LINDBERG air titanium rim

The air titanium rim collection is wire frame eyewear – perfected. The collection embodies the LINDBERG design DNA, with uncompromising contemporary design. One notable feature is the iconic hinge, known for the expertly engineered spiral design, stripped of all unnecessary elements like screws and welded parts.


The n.o.w. titanium collection has the perfect balance of expressive look and lightness with our signature elements: thin composite fronts and lightweight titanium temples. The front of n.o.w. glasses is made of premium-grade composite. This unique material provides a softer, translucent look featuring discreet transparent polished, semi-transparent or matt colours.

Montures Lindberg Montreal

LINDBERG sun titanium

The minimalistic designs are extremely light, comfortable and flexible, and fitted with premium sun lenses to ensure optimal vision and exceptional glare protection. A premium selection of ZEISS lenses with antireflective coating guarantees extreme optical quality and UV protection.



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Se protéger du soleil en style

C’est tellement important de se protéger du soleil. Les rayons UV nocifs sont connues pour augmenter le risque de certaines maladies oculaires comme le cataracte précoce, la dégénérescence maculaire et la pinguecula.

La Pinguecula est une lésion charnue à la surface de l’œil qui résulte d’une exposition prolongée aux rayons UV. Ils sont irréversibles et peuvent parfois s’enflammer.

On doit protéger nos yeux des rayons UV en portant des lunettes solaires toute l’année. Il faut que vos lunettes solaires s’offrent une protection adéquate aux rayons UVA et UVB. Les lunettes avec des verres foncées sans la protection UV sont plus endommageant que de porter rien, surtout pour les enfants et adolescents. Les verres foncées vont causer la pupille de se dilater, qui ensuite laissera encore plus de lumière UV passer jusqu’à la rétine (fond d’oeil).



Ces jours-ci, on peut se protéger du soleil en style! Il y a des nombreuses collections de montures qui s’offrent des lunettes solaires à la mode et flatteur. Plusieurs lunettes solaires peuvent être fait avec une prescription. Nous utilisons des verres ZEISS authentiques et nous allons matcher la teinte et la courbure de la monture, alors personne va réaliser qu’ils sont des lunettes solaires d’ordonnance. Cliquez ici pour magasinez des montures solaires.

Barton Perreira Norton
Barton Perreira Falana
Robert Marc sun 7003



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Myopia in children

Pediatric eye exam ROCKLAND EYE CLINIC

Myopia (nearsightedness) in children is increasing at an alarming rate. Myopia is becoming more and more prevalent around the world. By 2050, research suggests that 50% of the world’s population may be myopic.  Myopia is considered elevated as of -6D, at which point the risk of pathologies such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, cataracts and maculopathy increases.

There are several risk factors that contribute to the likelihood of developing myopia. These factors include genetics, eye length and environmental conditions.

It’s important to delay myopia onset until after 10 years old because progression of myopia is much faster before the age of 10.

There are 4 elements that we can control in terms of environmental conditions:

  1. Distance of computer and near work
  2. Time spent at computer or near
  3. Adequate lighting
  4. Time spent outdoors

Get Outdoors!

Studies show 1-2 hours per day of outdoor time before myopia onset can provide a protective effect against myopia.

We recommend no screen time for children under the age of 2. Between the ages of 2 and 8, children should be on screens for no more than 1 hour per day. For children over the age of 8, a maximum of 2 hours of screen time per day for leisure (excluding school work) is recommended.


Nutrition is also an important factor that can influence the length of the eye. Foods with high glycemic content are more likely to lead to myopia.


Treatment Options

There are several treatment options available to help control myopia progression, including orthokeratology (wearing hard contact lenses overnight), soft multifocal lenses, pharmaceutical drops and myopia management glasses lenses.

Zeiss offers myopia management lenses that work to stabilize myopia in children. Peer-reviewed studies have shown slower progression of myopia in children compared with standard spectacle lenses. UV protection is standard on ZEISS myopia management lenses, including clear lenses. This feature is particularly important for young patients since their pupils are larger and allow more UV light to reach the back of the eye.


Eye exams at an early age are important in order for the detection and early treatment of myopia, as well as other ocular conditions. Book an appointment at ROCKLAND EYE CLINIC for your child’s eyes today. 



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NEW ZEISS i.Terminal mobile for precise fitting measurements

ZEISS i.Terminal mobile

We are very excited to announce that we have purchased the latest technology on the market for lens fitting, the ZEISS i.Terminal mobile. The new ZEISS i.Terminal mobile allows us to take all the fitting parameters in 60 seconds via an IPAD. This allows for even greater customization of lens parameters. All the information is stored in our system and we can take measurements for different frames for the same patient. This is particularly important for fitting progressive lenses or specialty lenses such as anti fatigue lenses or Smart Life Individual Single Vision Lenses.

We are of course taking advantage of this innovative technology to allow for appropriate physical distancing during COVID-19. The old way of taking measurements meant we were a few inches away from a patient’s face. The new i.Terminal mobile allows for greater distanciation and we can even take the images through the plexiglass.

How it works

Once you choose your frame, we adjust the frame on you so it fits comfortably and is well . Next, we place your new frame in the specialized  calibration clip. Finally, you’ll be asked to look at the camera and we will take a series of photos while you are facing the iPad and then while turned to the side. Voilà, we have now taken all the necessary fitting measurements in a matter of  60 seconds!

What exactly are we measuring?

  • Frame data (A, B, DBL)
  • Interpupillary distance (PD)
  • Monocular pupillary distance (mono PD)
  • Fitting height, segment height
  • Back vertex distance (BVD)
  • Pantoscopic angle (PA)
  • Wrap angle
  • Head tilt
  • Vergence compensation


Does this sound complicated to you? That’s ok, that’s why we have professionals taking and interpreting the data so we can make it look easy. After all, don’t you want to get your glasses and have the perfect fit and crisp, clear vision without having to come back to the clinic several times?

Precision is very  important to us at ROCKLAND EYE CLINIC, that’s why we have invested in this latest technology by ZEISS. We  are utilizing ZEISS high precision technology to give you an exceptional experience.


Dr Angela Issa, optometrist

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How to put in contacts

Wearing contact lenses for the first time can be both exciting and daunting. It’s perfectly normal to be apprehensive about wearing contacts for the first time.

The most important thing is to remember that contacts are a medical device and should only be fitted by an Eyecare Professional.

If you follow these simple instructions, you should have easier time with your contact lens routine.

  • Always wash your hands and dry with a lint-free towel before putting in or removing your contacts
  • Put on your contacts before your eye makeup
  • Always change your solution for fresh solution every night
  • Change your lens case every month
  • Never use tap water to clean or re wet your lenses!
  • Start with the Right Eye
  • Never put in contacts if your eye is red or irritated

While teaching patients how to put in contacts, we notice some people became easily discouraged thinking it should be easier or faster for them to learn. Keep in mind that many people who put in their contacts without a mirror have been doing so for years! It takes practice and patience.

Watch this video below for more tips and tricks.





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Is blue light bad for your eyes?

Blue light glasses

You might be wondering if blue light is bad for your eyes and whether or not you should buy lenses with a blue filter.  If so, you’re not alone, we are asked questions about blue light on a regular basis. In recent years, we have been hearing a lot about the potential dangers of blue light.

What is blue light?

Blue light is part of the visible spectrum. The visible spectrum is comprised of wavelengths that are visible to the human eye. Wavelengths from 740nm to 400nm make up the visible spectrum. Just outside the visible spectrum is Ultraviolet light, better known as UV light. Blue light is a shorter wavelength of light at 400-470nm and is a higher energy light.

Under normal circumstances, we are all exposed to a certain amount of blue light. With the increase in screen time on computers, tablets and smartphones, however, our amount of exposure to blue light has dramatically increased. It’s important to consider the amount of exposure to blue light in children and adolescents.

Visual Eye Strain

Blue light scatters more as it enters the eye resulting in decreased contrast and contributing to visual eye strain.

I can’t sleep!

You have likely heard that using your phone before bed will give you a harder time falling asleep. This is because blue light affects the circadian rhythm, our sleep and wake cycles. It’s recommended to avoid screens 2-3 hours before bed.

What does the science say?

Many studies have been conducted on the effects of blue light with conflicting results. Some studies have found blue light is harmful to the eyes, stating that blue light can even cause cataracts and macular degeneration. Unfortunately, many of these studies were in fact led by many companies who manufacture and distribute ‘blue filter’ lenses.

We stated earlier that blue light is a higher energy wavelength of light and is found close to UV light. Clinical and scientific evidence demonstrates that UV light is harmful to the eyes so we may consider the possibility that blue light could have similar effects on our eyes. We cannot say with absolute certainty, however that blue light can lead to eye disease. The studies are not conclusive. We shouldn’t therefore market lenses with a blue filter to patients on the premise that these lenses will help avoid certain eye disease.

In our practice, we recommend blue filter lenses to reduce visual eye strain. Lenses with a blue filter can help with visual fatigue associated with increased screen time. It remains an individual decision. I can tell you that I am currently wearing glasses with Zeiss BlueProtect coating as I write this post because I personally find them more comfortable while working on screens.


Dr Angela Issa, optometrist