About Us

ROCKLAND EYE CLINIC is a private optometry clinic located in the Complexe Santé RocklandMD. We believe an optometry clinic should offer the very best in Eyecare and in Eyewear without compromise. At Rockland Eye Clinic, we keep An Eye on Heath, An Eye on Fashion.

Eye on Health

At ROCKLAND EYE CLINIC, we place high importance on your eye health. Our optometrists take advantage of cutting edge technology and perform special testing to screen for eye diseases. Your visit with our doctors will consist of a thorough visual examination and evaluation of eye health. Our doctors take the time to explain the diagnosis and treatment plan after every visit.

Eye on Fashion

Rockland Eye Clinic is a destination for luxury eyewear. All of our frames are hand-picked by the owners. We specialize in independent eyewear brands from various parts of the world that are not mass produced. Many of our frames are handmade from the highest quality materials. In our exquisite showroom, you will find exclusive frames and benefit from a personalized frame consultation.